Superliterate Project begins at Comic-Con 2019!

We will be at booth 1707 to share the project, offer up some promo swag, and get things rolling. It’s also as good a time as any to start doing some interviews. We will chat up all of our old comic pals about how YOU can get into the industry and take their jobs, thus making them regret sharing their valuable knowledge. (Just kidding, the field can still grow, there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone.

Superliterate project slogan card


Hi, my name is Rex Edhlund. I am a writer and graphic designer that has worked in and around the alt-art/geek world for decades. The very best times in my career have been when it also had social merit, so I have decided to dedicate the REST of my career to making sure that is always a part of the plan. That is what brings us here. (There is a better explanation in the MISSION and ORIGIN sections, go read those too.)

Superliterate has been simmering for a while and FINALLY things are coming together. I will be sharing here as often as possible. Hopefully, you will be inspired and join in. We will be needing plenty of help along the way and can certainly benefit from volunteers in Los Angeles and San Diego. I do promise, it will be fun.

The filing process is underway. We are registered as a CA non-profit and working towards the 501c3 status. We can accept donations and will issue tax-deductible receipts when the paperwork is finally pushed through all the extensive channels. We have also acquired a great Popup ComicShop Superliterate Action Van to handle all of the hauling and event participating we will need to do to keep this moving.

So far, the funding for this project has been from selling my personal collection. Remarkably a piece of Dan Clowes art that I bought from him back when I published Hypno Magazine (I think it was $40) recently sold at Hake’s Auctions for over $4,000! That’s TWO DECIMAL POINTS! I also sold a few of the rare Shepard Fairey/Obey posters I was given around the same time. But WOW, it is expensive to get a project like this underway. We can’t do it alone.

As all the money I gathered from the art auctions quickly disappears into all of the drains associated with a new startup, we need to find more by finding the right people. If we can get the WORLD to at least match the donations I have already made, we can get started doing good and put the begging on hold. At least for a while.


Post around a link to our project.

We can use as many books as we can round up.

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Danger Factory, my streetwear business is now a funding source for Superliterate. 33 percent of all sales go directly to the Superliterate Project. We will also sell Superliterate merch there. You can do good and look good.

I really look forward to witnessing some positive change in the kids we work with. I have already changed. I USED to be an art collector.

Rex Edhlund

And yes, a very special thanks to Dan Clowes who unbeknownst to him, kinda funded this beginning over 20 years ago.

Michelle Obama went to a DTLA School and Crushed Storytime



“Michelle Obama came to Los Angeles on Thursday to surprise a group of kids at a school near skid row.

It’s easy to surprise kids. They don’t read press releases.

The former First Lady was in Southern California as part of her Becoming book tour, but if you asked the four-year-olds at Para Los Niños Early Education Center, they’d probably tell you she was here to read them The Gruffalo.

She was also there in partnership with the Child 360/First Book initiative to emphasize the importance of reading to young children.”

I wonder if we could collaborate with Comics 4 Kids with this space. They are very like-minded, but deal with younger children.  Our efforts will be focused more with teens and pre-teens as we are also going to be emphasizing college prep as well.

Comics4Kids is a Seattle-based Library and National non-profit organization